The Perfect Opportunity

The guests who visit Wakaya often realize that a change of mind precedes a change in life. The serenity of the island provides the perfect opportunity to see oneself in a new light and to start seeing life for its possibilities.

The Wakaya Perfection income opportunity is one of those moments. Individuals do not need to remain tired, stressed, or plagued with financial woes and worries about the future. There is a better way to live and Wakaya Perfection’s unique business system can be the catalyst to change your life!



Independent Ambassadors

Our distributors, called Independent Business Ambassadors, share Wakaya Perfection’s message of greater health and wellness without the stress of sourcing products, managing inventory, and dealing with suppliers. We’ve got that part covered!

Ambassadors love the control they have over their business and their day. It creates a flexible and harmonious environment where important priorities of family, friends, service and work can be balanced and fully enjoyed.

Become an Ambassador

Perpetual Compensation

Wakaya Perfection has created the most innovative and comprehensive compensation plan in the industry today—we call it Perpetual Compensation. To maximize ongoing income, this system compensates Ambassadors up to 14 different ways—but simply put, it focuses on the three income categories: substantial up-front income, perpetual ongoing income, as well as luxury and lifestyle perks and bonuses.

no purchaseNo Personal Purchase Requirements

no purchaseReal Retail and Customer Profits

no purchase2x2 Team Bonus with Matching

no purchaseCoding and Generational Bonuses

no purchaseCar and Travel Bonuses

All commissions and bonuses are based solely upon product sales. We provide our Ambassadors with sales goals and advancement criteria, but there are never any personal purchase requirements at Wakaya Perfection.


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The Wakaya Way

The heart of Wakaya is found in the timeless values of integrity, respect, hard work, simplicity, celebration, family and perfection, we call it The Wakaya Way. Living this way makes life a paradise for yourself and those around you.

As a community we enjoy recognizing the gifts and growth of every Ambassador. We love working together and love celebrating together even more. Wakaya Perfection provides local and national events to bring us together for training, recognition, and, most importantly, to make memories. Oh yes, and the annual vacation that is provided as well.

Everything You Need

Both our customer service and training staff are second to none! In addition to this, one of an Ambassador's biggest supporters is their peers. At Wakaya Perfection, we foster a thriving community of Independent Business Ambassadors who share the Wakaya Perfection story with the world. Here you work for yourself, but not by yourself!

Ambassadors don't have to read large manuals or watch endless videos in order to understand what’s going on at Wakaya Perfection. Both our products and income opportunity have been thoughtfully chosen and streamlined in a way that’s easy to learn and even easier to share!

We provide robust printed and online business marketing tools, including your own bit of paradise...a Wakaya Perfection Virtual Storefront and Back Office. We are committed to creating simple, integrated tools and technology that make managing and marketing your business easy.


Join the Wakaya Family

If you’ve fallen in love with Wakaya and the products of Wakaya Perfection, or if your looking for a way to bring paradise to your own life, we invite you to consider becoming a Wakaya Perfection Ambassador. We’re confident you’ll be glad you did.